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Leigh Nash - Blue On Blue

After the members of Sixpence None The Richer decided to go their separate ways a few years ago, lead vocalist and Sixpence's chief personality Leigh Nash began pursuing her own musical endeavors. Sixpence consisted primarily of one of the most dynamic duos in alternative music, pairing the beauteous vocals of Nash with the multi-talented Matt Slocum, but individually the two carry distinct musical strengths. Although Leigh has done scattered solo work while in her previous band, Blue On Blue marks her full-length debut out on her own.

Blue On Blue is a distinctly more pop-driven effort than most anything Sixpence None The Richer had done. But taking into consideration Divine Discontent, the band's final studio album, as the last time we really heard an all-new full-length recording featuring Nash, this album seems like the natural next step in Nash's musical evolution. Leigh had a hand in the band's songwriting more towards the end of their run, but being on her own gives her the chance to really write and sing what's on her heart, making her music all the more passionate, all the more personal.

Style: Indie Pop
Street Date: August 15, 2006

Track list:
01. Along The Wall
02. Nervous In The Light Of Dawn
03. My Idea of Heaven
04. Ocean Size Love
05. Never Finish
06. Between The Lines
07. More Of It
08. Angel Tonight
09. Blue
10. Cloud Nine
11. Just a Little

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