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The Classic Crime - Vagabonds

The Classic Crime returns for their thirrd full-length album release, Vagabonds. The fact that the band had all pre-order proceeds from this album go towards Haiti was very noble of them. RCC's previous release, The Silver Cord was such a phenomenal album that Vagabonds leaves less of an impression due to its smaller size (17 minutes smaller than SC) and some less memorable songs. TCC continues with thought provoking lyrics on this project. "Broken Mess" is a great song (easily the best song on the album) that is saved for last, and it could be interpreted in many ways. Vagabonds does have its moments of greatness in songs like this one, "The Count," "Everything and Nothing" and "Four Chords." "Solar Powered Life" takes the listener back to the 70s with the return of sounds reminiscent of Golden Earring's "Radar Love." Fans of The Classic Crime will, no doubt, like this release (as I have), however, in the end, Vagabonds may leave one favoring The Silver Cord as it was a far better achievement.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: April 6, 2010

Track list:
01. A Perfect Voice (2:50)
02. Cheap Shots (3:30)
03. Solar Powered Life (1:59)
04. Four Chords (3:38)
05. Vagabonds (3:43)
06. The Happy Nihilist (3:28)
07. My Name (4:22)
08. Everything And Nothing (4:02)
09. The Count (3:45)
10. Different Now (3:59)
11. Broken Mess (4:20)
12. Weapon Of Choice (Demo) (3:10) **Deluxe Edition
13. Walk With Me (5:05) **Deluxe Edition

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